We are a leading provider of virtual office addresses in Birmingham and we offer three virtual office locations to choose from.
We offer the best Birmingham virtual office addresses, at very competitive prices.

Best prices in Birmingham
No long contract
No Set Up Charge
Price includes post scan to email


Izabella House, City Centre, Birmingham, B1

£25 a month

Cornwall Street, City Centre, Birmingham, B3

£40 a month

Frederick Street, City Centre, Birmingham, B1

£40 a month

Benefits of a Virtual Office Birmingham:

  • Professional business address to use on your website, business cards and stationary

  • Gain instant business credibility if you work from home

  • Turn your business into a multi office location

  • Open new regional markets with a virtual office Birmingham location of your choice




We also provide call answering and virtual reception services to over 150 small and medium size businesses in Birmingham and the rest of the UK.

When working out of the Second City in the United Kingdom, Birmingham, the opportunities open to you every day are huge. However, with so much competition in the area, one thing that you might struggle with is gaining credibility. Many people are put off, for example, by a business without an address. Can you afford to let your competition get ahead of you? If you can’t, you need an address. With the help of our Birmingham virtual office service, that problem can become a thing of the past.

Virtual offices are a very useful tool for making sure that you can overcome your challenges as a professional. Credibility is essential in a city like Birmingham, and making sure that you can be seen as trustworthy is very important. Thanks to the help of our Birmingham virtual offices, you can easily put together a starting point for your business.

This not only allows you to help gain credibility, but it provides you with an easy location to have all of your post sent to. We’ll then scan the post for you and send it to you via e-mail – all included within the cost of your virtual office – and ensure you never need to miss out on a mail opportunity again.

Virtual Offices in Birmingham

We not only provide you with professional access to virtual offices, but you will find that these same offices are also perfect for taking calls. We provide a call answering service, allowing you to have someone with a professional mannerism and style. If you lack the time to take phone calls all day, this can be an essential service for you.

Not only will it help you to start making more business-minded decisions, but it means that you have more time to concentrate on what you do best. If you don’t intend on spending your afternoons taking calls, or you feel like you push clients away due to your phone mannerism, a call answering service is just what you need.

This is a cost-effective business service which is going to make it much easier for you to get the job done. You will find it much easier to work through your working day, knowing that customer queries and job requests can be taken by someone who has a knack for hitting the right notes. This means that you can do what you do best, while we help your business from our side.

From making sure all of your post can come to the one location to getting calls answered by a friendly professional, we can help you to provide the right first impression for your business. If a potential customer sees that you have an office in a city like Birmingham, and they also see that you have a professional on the phone, they will be much more likely to do business with you.

So, with that in mind, let’s help you to make the right choice and promote your business with a Birmingham virtual office. So call us today to find out more, you can tag this on to your Birmingham Virtual Office address or buy it on its own.